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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10 Links for Happy Holidays for Pets

We love our pets; they're part of the family! So, of course, we want to include them in our holiday festivities.

But to keep everyone happy and safe, there are a number of things we need to do. For instance, if your pet doesn't enjoy crowds, forcing him or her into that situation won't be any fun. So instead, maybe leave them at home and have a pet sitter stop over to visit (or stay) while you are away. Of if the party is at your house, give your pet a quiet place to hand out, where they won't be disturbed. And make sure that no one slips any food or drink to your pet - not everyone knows what's safe for your pet.

Check out the following sites for great tips on a Happy Holiday for you and your pet:

December 22 is “National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day!”

Have you heard? December 22 is “National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day!”

  • Keep cats and dogs indoors. If they must be outside for a period of time, ensure that they have a warm, dry place to hang out and access to water (you may need to use a heated dish!).
  • Clear a path in the snow/ice and use a pet-friendly, no-salt ice melt such as Morton Safe-T-Pet.
  • Keep your dog on a short leash and stay out just long enough for the dogs to relieve themselves.
  • Remove snow and ice from the paws and fur after leash walks.
  • Check warm spots on cars, such as hoods, where animals might seek shelter from the cold.
  • Be sure pets are wearing identification tags and proper outerwear as needed.
  • Protect short haired or sensitive dogs during walks by using coats and boots. (or something like Musher’s Secret, which protects pads)

Check out the ASPCA site for more info: ASPCA National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day page